Buttermans Track

Yarra Valley, Victoria

Buttermans Track is a new vineyard added to our collection. The vineyard at the Yarra Valley is a fantastic example of the quality of cooler climate reds - something that is very underrated within the Australian wine drinking community. 

There are two wines in the ranges and there are very limited quantities of both - a Sangiovese and a Shiraz. 

Blakes Estate

Otway Ranges, Victoria

Gosling Creek

 Otway Ranges, Victoria

Gosling Creek is a label from Kinsella's Bridge Winery located in Murroon on the very beautiful Otways Ranges of Victoria. 

It is a lovely setting for a light lunch in the summer months and this is how we recently found them following a trip to our great friends at Dinny Goonan in Deans Marsh. 

Red Edge

 Heathcote, Victoria


Yarra Valley, Victoria

Shantell is a small vineyard located at Dixons Creek in the Yarra Valley. It is owned by Shan and Turid Shanmugan, who haved owned the property for over 30 years and have very diverse backgrounds! Shan is a surgeon from Malaysia with Indian parents and Turid is a physicist from Norway... 


Beechworth, Victoria

Savaterre Pinot Noir is one of the benchmarks Pinots in Australia.

Keppell Smith was taught how to make wines by Phillip Jones of Bass Phillip so it is hardly surprising that he can make Pinot! It is also wonderful to see a slight vintage variation in both the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir with the 2006 of both wines being just outstanding.

Hurley Vineyard

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

We always say that we are in a very privileged position in that we have a Wine Club and a significant proportion of our clientele that know their wine and are interested in expanding their knowledge base. As such, Hurley vineyard was actually a recommendation from a regular customer and wine club member.


Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

We are pleased to stock a new Pinot Gris from a small vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula called Phaedrus. Owner/winemaker Maïtèna grew up on a vineyard, while partner Ewan had always appreciated wine. It was only a matter of time until they decided to create Phaedrus in 1997.

Paramoor Wines

Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Paramoor Wines is a small vineyard between Woodend and Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges with Hanging Rock just around the corner. Operating since 2003, the vineyard is run and owned by Dr Will Fraser, who also happens to be the formed MD of Kodak Australia.



Savaterre owned and operated by Keppell Smith is located very close to the Victorian Alps at Beechworth and provides perhaps one of the very best Pinots in Australia as well as a luscious Chardonnay.

No exoense is spared in both the growing and production of these wines with very select pruning taking place to maximise both flavour and style.

Production is very limited with most of the wines being allocated annually to Quantas for First Class passengers and the rest of us share in the remainder !