Small Gully Wines

Barossa Valley, South Australia

This was our find of 2008 and we are so pleased that others have agreed with our selection as we cannot keep enough in stock and people will tell others where they bought it despite our attempts to keep this winery under our hat !

Stephen Black was a Pharmacist and obviously has a great sense of humour as all of his wines have a presciption style label and wording !

Let's look at the wines :

THE FORMULA3 bottles of the formula :  Excitingly different, gets your heart racing…

Robert's Shiraz

This is a big, full flavoured Shiraz produced from 40 year old vines, grown on the Adelaide Plains. Well balanced and textured, this wine shows savoury and chocolate notes with soft tannins and a structured palate. 


Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz

Produced from Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Barossa Valley Shiraz this blend is a well balanced, full flavoured wine. Herbaceous Cabernet notes together with full berry Shiraz characters compliment each other producing a blend with elegance and structure.

Helena's Blend Semillon Chardonnay

Sourced from the Barossa Valley, this Semillon Chardonnay blend displays delicate fruit aromas and fine varietal flavours enhanced by some nuttiness from the Chardonnay and a lifted Semillon aroma.

THE CONNCOCTION : The Concoction


Shiraz Viognier

Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre

All three of the Conncoction range show big fruit flavours despite the high alcohol and have quickly become a talking point amongst customers. Most customers like the Shiraz best, while there are a growing amount who are moving towards the more fruit driven style and jammy nature of the GSM. What do we think? Well just to complicate things even further our favourite is the Shiraz Viognier. The Viognier lifts the palate ever so slightly reducing the alcohol and also add a floral characterstic to the nose.  But one thing is for sure - all three are some of our most popular wines and are starting to get the wider audience that they truly deserve.


The G Block is one of Stephen's premium wines. Slightly more refined in style to the bigger and more popular Black Magic, the G Block is a recent addition to our shelves. For those who prefer the Shiraz in the Concoction range, we would probably suggest you would prefer the Black Magic. But to those who can appreciate the elegance of the Shiraz Viognier, should really try the G Block. It stands up next to some of the Barossa's best reds. Surely it can't get much better than this....? 


Yes the top of the tree and with 15.9% alcohol this is where Stephen's talent as a winemaker shines as it is not " hot " as it has a structure capable of carrying the powerful flavours. This is a wine that is very much in demand in the USA as it personifies the style that so many Americans want from the Valley : power BIG flavour and ripe fruit.

One of the wines of 2008 for us. Ignore our comment at the end of the G Block. It has.