Red Edge

 Heathcote, Victoria

Peter Dredge is the chief winemaker of this small, but very impressive vineyard in Heathcote Victoria. The wines are of a high standard each year, with the current 2008 release of wines being no exception. Peter is also a great friend of Brighton Fine Wines and he will often pop in from time to time to show us his new wines or to have a chat about something different he is attempting! Some wines are typically Heathcote in style, while others showcase the subtly that can exist in Heathcote wines and is often forgotten... 

We currently have his top Shiraz and Cabernet, as well as a very interesting Tempranillo Monastrelle and his Degree Shiraz - as always, very small quantities of these wines are allocated to us each year so the 08s may not be around for too much longer!