Oakway Estate

Oakway Estate, Geographe

Three generations of the one family have toiled together to create the vineyards of Oakway Estate. The property originally supported apple and stone fruit orchards before its potential for producing premium wines was realised by the present owners, Wayne and Ria Hammond, in 1997. Today the property supports the vineyard, a plantation of sustainable blue gum trees, and beef cattle.

The vines were planted in 1997 on mostly light gravel over loam soils, and the first commercial vintage occured in 2002. The wines have consistently won awards since 2003 and the approach to vineyard management means there is constant  vine vigour and growth. There is also minimal use of chemicals, choosing instead to monitor insect populations and use more natural alternatives to problems like the resident team of "Guinea Fowls" ! . Vineyard management includes fruit thinning, leaf plucking, and water management to ensure intense berry flavours are achieved as good wines start in the vineyard.

Most of the grapes are grown on the cool summer slopes of the Capel River in the district of Paynedale, near Donnybrook, and other grapes are sourced from the Geographe and Swan Valley regions of Western Australia..