Joseph Loriot - Pagel Champagne

Champagne, France

JLP LogoJoseph Loriot-Pagel vineyard divides into 4 villages of the Marne Valley : Festigny, Mareuil le Port, Nesle Le Respons, Le Breuil and 2 villages of La Côte des Blancs : Cramant and Avize that are a part of the vineyard planted by Roger Pagel. The whole area of the winery is equal to 8 ha 35.

All their Champagnes has been entirely self-produced in their own cellars with know-how passed on since six generations. The grapes are picked by hand by a tradional team and then pressed in their new modern presshouse equipped with a new generation 4.000 kg winepress from Coquard Company. The chemical process of fermentation is made in stainless steel tanks. The malolactic fermentation is made systematically and a part of reserve wines is preserved in wooden barrels.

The moving process is made on consoles but also on rotating pallets. Concerning the disgorgement process, it's made by the method "à la volée", as it is said.