Hurley Vineyard

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

We always say that we are in a very privileged position in that we have a Wine Club and a significant proportion of our clientele that know their wine and are interested in expanding their knowledge base. As such, Hurley vineyard was actually a recommendation from a regular customer and wine club member. He had told us about a tiny vineyard on the Mornington Peninusula that was producing some world class Pinot Noir. We are very proud of our collection of Pinot here at Brighton Fine Wines so to be told this information ignited our curiosity and the wine arrived soon thereafter. Our man was not wrong. These wines were truly outstanding with the 'top of the tree' Garamond being one of the finest examples of Pinot Noir that Australia has to offer. Remarkably, a few months later the Australian Financial Review Magazine claimed that the wine was the best Pinot in Australia and in the top ten wines for the year.

The other two examples Hommage and Lodestone offer a slightly more affordable alternative, however still display Kevin Bell's outstanding ability to produce a highly complex, strong and savoury Pinot Noir that he has learnt from the great Phillip Jones of Bass Phillip. Another unique touch to Hurley wines is that all of the labels contain information in Braille - the very first vineyard in Australia to adopt such a technique! 

By the way - if you think the name Kevin Bell sounds familiar, you would be correct! Kevin Bell is a Victorian Supreme Court judge and he and his wife Trish, who also acts as family law specialist at a small Frankston law firm, make small batches of their wine (less than 300 cases each year) in their spare time. It's a wonder where they find the time, but we are certainly not complaining!