David Franz

Barossa Valley, South Australia

This was quite a find !

One of the great ways of " finding " a vineyard is for other wineries to recommend another and this was the case here.

I had no idea who David Franz was and part of the fun was asking him for wine and reviewing them on that basis and so was stunned when the  wines came up quite superbly ; the first thing that you notice is the distinctive wrapping and the graphic design on all parts of the wine labels and packaging and then of course you draw the cork and give in.

David is very justifyably proud of his Cabernet and once again I have had to amend my belief that the Barossa is predominantly a Shiraz area - this Cabernet is a true delight but it is the Sticky that I have taken to but why don't you come in and look at these wines for yourself and also find out who David Franz is.

Just like with the story of Derek and The Dominoes it may surprise !