Champagne, France

Edmond Barnaut was one of the first pioneers in Champagne to create his own brand outside of the controlling centers of Epernay and Reims. In 1874 he set up shop in Bouzy, where he owned vines and where he married Appoline Godmé-Barancourt (there’s a name!), heiress to additional vineyards in the village.

Barnaut’s annual production is roughly 120,000 bottles, or 10,000 12-pack cases (summary via vintage 59)

We are pleased to range the following wines:

  • Grande Réserve: This is the original cuvée, and its reserve wine comes from the batch first made by Edmond Barnaut and replenished every year. The blend is approximately two-thirds Pinot Noir and one-third Chardonnay, and represents 65% of the annual production.
  • Blanc de Noirs: Made entirely from Bouzy Pinot Noir, arguably the most celebrated Pinot Noir in Champagne for its ripeness and richness. As with the Grande Réserve and Vintage, Philippe Secondé looks to avoid heaviness in this wine while harnessing the inherent density and depth of fruit Bouzy offers.