About us

Brighton Fine Wines is a specialty wine store catering specifically to the wine enthusiast . We take great pride in our ability to discuss and obtain quality products from a variety of vineyards where both the product and the winemaking represent some of the best of its kind and demonstrates the very terroir of the wine.

We are always looking for those smaller more individual vineyards where the product over delivers in quality and is fairly priced.

Brighton Fine Wines at 410 New Street, Brighton

We will gladly discuss any part of the wine industry with you as well as allow you to taste many wines before purchase should you so wish ; why not either call in or contact us to discuss your next purchase ?

We have just commenced our wine club which will have Members Only opportunities i.e. some wines that we source are in such limited supply that they will be offered to Members first ; we also would like to give some Members samples to try and then write a review for us so that we in turn can then publish their comments on this web site.

The reviews published on this web site represent the opinion of the author only and any Consumer should try products for themselves as that is what makes this industry so interesting: our senses are our own and sometimes they are different to others and should be shared for comparison.

Appreciation of wine really is our own opinion and what is cherry taste to one is a plum taste to another !

On dozen purchases of the same wine we discount the price to you : pay for 10 but receive 12 ................you might decide to buy more with the savings!

Please note that we are open Monday through Saturday 11.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and then Sunday 12.00 mid day to 7.00 p.m. but do call us if you need us to be here at any other times !